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Shoreline Connected Systems is a full-service home technology integrator and smart home installation company owned by Dylan + Loredana Huber. Along with their team of certified technicians, Shoreline specializes in simplifying complex systems such as whole-home streaming audio systems, lighting control, networking, and more. Whether you're in need of a home theatre installation or a complete home technology integration, Shoreline Connected is here for you. 

Over the years, technology has only become more and more complex. Most often, home systems which appear to be simple (or aesthetically "clean") often require complex setups; causing the home-owner much frustration and headache. ​

We're here to help with that. 

With Dylan's background in estate management and technology, and Loredana's background in design and home organization, their vast-array of knowledge and resources offered to clientele of Shoreline Connected Systems guarantees their success and advantage over other companies. 

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